October 18, 2019, Toddler

Hello everyone! Toddlers are a busy fun group of students. These past few weeks we have focused on teamwork and helpfulness and learning what it takes to be a good friend! One of the newsletter pictures shows two students using teamwork and cooperation to balance blocks on the scale. Children help each other to follow the classroom ground rules and encourage each other to be kind. Other grace and courtesy work has been setting the table for lunch and saying please and thank you.

Bubbles! Children spent some time taking turns whisking to make bubbles! This is a fun activity that helps strengthen the muscles of the child’s hand and fingers, preparation for learning how to write. We also practice spooning, tonging and pouring each day. Practical life work is real work that the children learn to do. Preparation for life! Oh, and laundry is one of their favorite “chores”to do together!

Reminder; parent teacher conferences are next week. I can’t wait to share with you what all your child can do!