October 18, 2019, EC East

We started off the week with our first Kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin peddler! Thank you to the parents who volunteered to drive! They enjoyed picking out a pumpkin. The younger children also went on a pumpkin hunt sponsored by the Gleaners. They had the opportunity to find a pumpkin, listen to a story and have a special treat!. Fun was had by all!

New Sensorial units were introduced in Early Childhood. The West classroom used their sense of hearing to discover sound and no sound, as well as sounds that match. They also added the binomial cube to their shelf. The East classroom used their sense of touch to explore rough and smooth textures.
Math units were also presented this week. The East classroom introduced greater than, less than, and equal too. Ask your child about the “Greedy Duck” game! The West classroom learned about fractions and parts that make one whole.
The East classroom continued their fine motor skills through pin-punching different shapes on paper and tracing their names from the name basket.
In Practical life the classrooms explored a variety of works including pounding, sponge squeezing, folding washcloths, tray sweeping, and polishing gourds.
Remember as the weather becomes colder to change out your child’s extra clothes located in their box above the cubbies!