October 15, 2021, Lower South

As several weeks have gone by already, the children continue to prosper in the classroom environment and consistently show their love for learning. This week there were new units introduced to the students in culture and in math. For History, students were presented with a lesson on fossils. The fossil unit stems from the Timeline of Life, which was introduced during the Second Great Lesson at the beginning of the year. This History unit offers children the chance to explore and observe a variety of imprints of different creatures/animals.

Another cultural unit introduced was in Geography. This unit encompasses the parts of a flag. Throughout this unit, students are given the chance to gain knowledge about The Pledge of Allegiance, The Star-Spangled Banner, and the history behind the U.S. flag along with the parts of a flag. In addition, children are able to explore different flags from around the world.

Aside from culture, students were introduced to a new topic on the math unit shelf. This topic being roman numerals. The Roman Numerals Unit stems from the Fifth Great Lesson. This great lesson portrays to children the importance and evolution of numbers and math. The roman numerals were one number system shown to children within the Fifth Great Lesson along with items that still contain roman numerals such as clocks and books. Though these types of numbers may not be used as much as they used to be, exploring the different roman numerals serve as an interest to children as well as a piece of history within mathematics.