October 15, 2021, EC East

Early Childhood students explored their first math units of the year-Greedy Duck and Fractions.  Students could choose from several works exploring these concepts.  Greedy Duck is our unit that explores greater than/less than, and equal.  East students could play games, explore weighted numbers to hang on a balance, and use the symbols to show greater than/less than within number works.  West students explored the Montessori materials of the fraction circles, fraction metal insets, and also many games and materials for exploring these concepts.  Also in EC, students explored their first gustatory experience:  taste testing pickles.  Students compared sweet and sour pickles and discussed what they noticed during this group activity.  In writing, both classrooms introduced pin punching as well as new science units:  Land, Air, and Water and Living/Non-Living.  West students met a turtle from the Lower Elementary North classroom to learn about living things!