October 14, 2022, Upper East

This week our students were busy learning in and outside of the classroom! Students learned about the Natives of the Northeast region. We made Seminole fry bread and pumpkin butter, which were a big hit! In Math, students worked on common factors, prime factors, and multiplication. In Geometry, students worked on angles.
For 5th- year Botany, we have plant cuttings all around the classroom! Students are watching root systems sprout and learning about propagation. In 4th-year Biology, students learned how to handle a microscope.
In reading, students finished their Literature Circle books this week. One group worked on final projects to present to the class. In Language, our 5th-years are working on an alliterative adjective book of the alphabet using descriptive, proper, limiting, demonstrative, and interrogative adjectives. Spanish started last week. Miss Demi is our new teacher and gives lessons to the students each week. 
Book Buddies also started this week, and it was great watching students read to each other. It is an excellent opportunity for leadership, kindness and empathy. What a beautiful example of what sets a Montessori school apart from the rest!