October 14, 2022 EC East

This week we began our new special Math Unit, Fractions!  Students explore different parts of a whole to understand this new concept. The Montessori Fraction Skittles allow the students to feel 1, ½, ⅓, and ¼ and compare the parts. We also introduced the Numerical Rods and Numerals to our Math shelf – a concrete work demonstrating parts of base 10. Our Practical Life shelves integrated the new works of sponge squeezing and hammering, demonstrating new techniques to strengthen hand-eye coordination and hand muscles.  The Medicine Ball and Body Sock were added to our Movement shelf to focus on body strengthening and concentration. 

The Kindergarten students began Book Buddies this week as well! They have the opportunity to join the same group of students as their Peace Pal group to read to older students. This time together focuses on peer learning and provides a peaceful environment to encourage reading.