October 13, 2023 EC West

This week, we introduced our first math unit on fractions! Children learned the parts of a whole up to one-fourth and are working on understanding fractions 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, and 1/5. We continue to reflect on our inner peace through tracing our finger labyrinth. It looks the same as our large one located in the garden, that students can walk but on a smaller scale. In Sensorial, the blue constructive triangles were shown. This work explores different-sized triangles to create a picture or other shapes. Pin-punching was added to the pre-writing shelf. This popular work focuses on fine motor, pincer grasp, and hand-eye coordination as the child uses a pin to perforate holes around a shape and then punch out. We used our gustatory sense as we tasted dill versus sweet pickles. Thank you to the families who donated! We added the sit and spin to the movement shelf for some exciting gross motor work. Pounding was also introduced in practical life. This work allows the child to use a tool, the hammer, to pound different materials into clay or play-doh.