October 11, 2019, Lower North

We have added a new unit to the Math shelf. The children are expanding numbers. They are expanding numbers from the tens all the way up to millions and beyond. We continue to work on greater then or less then, as well as reading number sentences. We are encouraging them to practice their facts at home. This is often a good time filler for short car trips or just before bedtime.

We are studying Roman Numerals on our History shelf. This tends to be a favorite of many students because they feel like they are cracking a code. This is a unit that follows the 5th Great Lesson on how numbers began.

Thank you for turning in your conference form request. We are preparing and looking forward to meeting with you and sharing all the learning that your children have done so far this school year.  The weather is changing and with that comes the unknown of what to wear. It is often a good idea to bring a sweatshirt to wear outside for recess, as well as rain or snow boots.

Have a good weekend!