October 11, 2019, EC East

October work continues this week as we introduce new science work; leaves and trees.  The West classroom began this unit this week, and also fall tree art work along with it.  The West classroom explored the squaring chains this week, introducing this beautiful math material into their classroom.  This work introduces the concepts of skip counting and multiplication.  In Sensorial, the color box 2 was demonstrated, and in Practical Life, stringing work was added.  In the East class, the science unit of nutrition was implemented.  Nutritious and non-nutritious foods were explored and sorted, as well as healthy choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Both classrooms enjoyed lessons on the blue constructive triangles on the Sensorial shelves.  Pin-punching was introduced on the writing shelf, a pre-writing activity requiring focus, concentration, and patience all while strengthening muscles for writing.  In math, the red and blue numerical rods were introduced, solidifying our base 10 system of number learning.