October 1, 2021, Middle School

This week, the biggest news from the Middle School is our trip to Camp Tuscazoar.  It has been a wonderful experience in the back woods of Eastern Ohio.

We are sleeping in open Adirondacks, which is like a cabin without doors. There were a fair few hornet nests to take care of, but once we did that, the bugs stayed away.
We have cooked all of our meals on the fire, including: tacos, pita pizzas, eggs and sausage, hot dogs and baked beans, and even some donuts!
Our hike up to Buzzard’s Roost was exhausting, but the view was worth it.
For our service project we are scraping the Adirondack shelters clean, then repainting them. We’re not loving the color they chose, but the shelters are looking much better.