October 1, 2021, Lower South

The first full month of school has been a successful one.  Our classroom is working towards normalization and the students have gotten used to the routine of the classroom.  Each day students plan their day and work towards completing their responsibilities which includes work in Language, Math, and Culture.

Our Botany Unit focuses on two of the beneficial parts of plants, roots and stems. In particular, the students have had the opportunity to uncover the important functions of the roots and stems along with learning about multiple types of roots and stems. Some of the root types include, tap roots, fibrous roots, and adventitious roots. As for stems, students have been learning about aerial stems, erect stems, and underground stems.

In Montessori literature one often reads about practical life work.  It is obvious in the Early Childhood classes what the practical life work is: scooping, pouring, tonging, etc.  In the Lower Elementary classes, we take those experiences and apply them to everyday life.  We call them responsibilities, or jobs.  The children have their jobs for one month and we stress how important it is for them to do them to keep our community working well.  In class, we see the children taking them seriously.  We encourage families to apply the foundation of practical life in their everyday life to help the children learn to be responsible adults.