November 8, 2019, Lower North

This week we are exploring new culture units. The 3rd year are taking a closer look at The United States with the Pin Map. The Geography shelf is introducing the cardinal directions, using a compass rose and reading a map. Our new unit on the History shelf offers work that breaks down the fundamental needs of humans.

We have brought closure to the small moment stories in writers workshop and will be moving on to other forms of writing next week. The students have really enjoyed being authors and illustrators this year. Their stories will be sent home at the end of the school year. In language, we are working with syllables.

Fall is here and with that, cold weather. Please help your student remember to bring all necessary clothing for recess.

The holiday parade is coming up. MSBG will have a float that your children can ride on, while you walk. Please help support our school by signing up on the sheet by the classroom door.

Have a great weekend.