November 8, 2019, EC East

Our first food preparation for this year was introduced in Early Childhood-grape plucking!  The children enjoyed learning the sequence of selecting a cluster of grapes, tonging them onto their tray, and plucking each one from its stem.  Of course, the final step is eating and enjoying!  A sincere thank you to the families who donated grapes so generously to our classrooms.

Another Practical Life lesson this week included shucking corn.  We will enjoy feeding the squirrels when we are finished and using the cobs for an art project.  In the East class, our new math unit introduced was fractions.  In Peace, the beautiful singing bowl was added to our shelf.  In the West class, paper punching was added to the art shelf and using a balance beam was added in movement.  Also in art, students began created a leaf bowl project.  The new math unit introduced was the greedy duck, or less than/greater than.  Both classrooms also demonstrated the first lesson in the sensorial bells, striking a bell.