November 6, 2020, Middle School

Cycle 2 is starting! Our theme for this cycle is Transformation. We will be discussing the Earth, its development and transformative properties. We will be discussing the human body, its development and transformative properties. We will be reading literature that emphasizes the human ability to reason and adapt. We will be discussing government, its lasting effects, and how it changes over time.

The 3D printer is hard at work in the MSBG Middle School. The 9th graders are hard at work, finishing up the interrupted chess board from last year, while the 7th graders are learning how to create 3D designs to be printed. The creative juices are certainly flowing.

Our history unit is currently focused on the Constitution and the events that followed the War for Independence.  The students are debating ratification and deciding on the importance and significance of the Bill of Rights.

Our science unit is Geology. The students are studying the layers of the Earth, what they are made of, and how that influences the way the surface of Earth looks.

Tune in next week for “The Truth Behind Jefferson” or “Volcanoes: Fact or Fiction (totally fact)”.