November 6, 2020, EC West

Early Childhood students had a busy week of work!  Our Geography shelves were full of work exploring our place in the world, studying Me, My Home, and My Family.  We begin this unit learning about the uniqueness and diversity of pets, homes and families around the world.  In math, we continued studying fractions and greater than/less than, or our “Greedy Duck” work.  In sensorial, both classrooms added new works including the quiet rug, tri   angle box, and the binomial cube.  Additionally, each classroom introduced cutting on a line, strengthening fine motor skills and scissor skills.  The East classroom also introduced pouring 1-2 and sponge squeezing, while West demonstrated a new balance beam and board as well as the memory game.
This week we also held our own election as the students got the opportunity to vote on a special outdoor activity. A voting booth was created and after casting their ballot, they received an “I voted sticker.” Results were shared the next day and we all enjoyed the winning activity!