November 5, 2021, EC East

Welcome November! EC began the week with new math units as West is now learning about greater than, less than, and equal to, while East is discovering fractions! New Sensorial units were also introduced. West is discriminating big and little as East is using their tactile senses to feel rough and smooth. Other sensorial works demonstrated this week included the binomial cube and the blue constructive triangles. The rest of our metal inset frames are now out on the writing shelf exposing many more shapes and colors to trace! We extended our cutting work to cut on the lines and the beautiful singing bowl was shown in the peace corner.

The East students also folded washcloths in practical life and added the exchange game to their math shelf. West students tweezed sunflower seeds from a sunflower, added the button dressing frame for care of oneself, and added the sit and spin to their movement shelf.