November 4, 2022, Upper West

What a fun last few weeks! It is hard to believe that we were just at camp last Wednesday! Thank you for your help and support in making that trip happen for our students! It was a pleasure to connect with you during the conferences last week. We appreciate all of your support and input. 

This week we went to the Planetarium at BGSU and had a lot of fun. Representatives from the ROTC program at BGSU also presented to our students this week on the American flag. Students heard about the flag’s history and learned how to fold the flag. In our writing unit, students are working on informative five-paragraph essays. In History, students ate Inuit ice cream and created clay totem poles in conjunction with our study of the Northwest, Artic, and Subarctic Natives. For math, students are learning about divisibility and fractions. They continue to work on multiplying fractions and factoring as well. In Science, we are learning about what elements of space are essential to sustain life and the possibility of life on other planets. Our 5th-year students planted bulbs in the garden during their Botany lesson. 

It has indeed been a busy week! Thank you again for all that you do!