November 4, 2022, Lower North


Thank you for meeting with us last week during conferences. It is so important to us to keep communication open for your children’s needs and education. If you still need to, please be sure to send back work notebooks or Writer’s Workshop folders. 

This week we introduced our Fish unit for Zoology studies as we move from invertebrates to vertebrates. In the fish unit, students will explore and learn about the purpose of each fin, the characteristics of a fish, and recognize the different types of fish. 

              On our Math shelf, the rounding and estimation unit has been added to the shelf where students are taught to round numbers up to the thousands. We teach our students that the trick for rounding is to remember the place value the number is being rounded to and use our saying of  “4 or less, let it rest. 5 or more, let it soar” for the smaller place value.