November 4, 2022, EC West

We started our week by carving a pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern. Each child had the opportunity to feel the pulp and sort pumpkin seeds. We roasted the seeds and were able to taste them. Our class also voted on what shape eyes, nose, and type of mouth to carve! We then used our Jack-O-Lantern in a fun science experiment. In sensorial work, we added the colorful cube of the trinomial. This is a larger cube made up of smaller cubes and prisms. In math, we introduced a new unit about fractions. We focus on fractions’ whole, half, third, and fourth parts. 

The large button dressing frame was added for the continuation of self-care work. In Practical Life, we began shucking corn off of corn cobs. This also helps to build students’ fine motor skills. Later, we will use the corn to feed animals on the trail and the cobs to make art prints. We have also added the singing bowl to our peace corner. The singing bowl plays a beautiful, calming sound that helps students relax. 

Our affirmation for November is “I can show empath.” We are discussing what empathy means and looks like and how we can understand how other people are feeling.