November 3, 2023 EC East

We began our week with a spooky sensory bowl! Students used a slotted spoon to sift through rice for silly and spooky objects.  Our classroom also carved a Jack-O-Lantern, voting on the shapes for the eyes, nose, and mouth.  We then roasted the seeds and enjoyed them together as a community! Also, in practical life, we added corn shucking! In writing, we added pin punching, a Montessori activity that strengthens fine motor as well as hand-eye coordination in preparation for learning to write.  Children carefully use a handheld pin to punch out shapes along a black line. This work takes a lot of patience! Also, in writing, we introduced the inset portion of the metal insets, strengthening our fine motor skills.   We also introduced the numerical rods and numerals to our Math shelf – a concrete work demonstrating parts of base 10. In sensorial, we added a new unit exploring big and little.