November 22, 2019, Toddler

This has been a fun fall, full of exciting exploration and learning! Children raked the leaves, harvested the last of the tomatoes in the garden and found pine cones on the trail. We are currently enjoying scrubbing. It seems so simple but this practical life work is very appealing to the toddlers. We scrub the sink, pumpkins, tables and chairs. Scrubbing helps develop the fine muscles in the fingers, preparing them for writing. Other practical life work will be getting ready for our Thanksgiving Celebration. Please join us as we come together to be thankful. There is a sign up sheet by the toddler cubbies for donating supplies for our celebration.

On our sensorial shelf the knob less cylinders have been added. In the picture above a student is working with the knob less cylinders, following a pattern.  The knob less cylinders further refine and define the child’s visual sense. The red knob less cylinder box varies in diameter and is used for the vocabulary extension of smallest and largest.

We are working toward independently putting on our coat! Ask your child about the coat flip! It’s so fun to watch and even the littlest are successful. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!