November 22, 2019, Middle School

Mustang Cafe celebrated National Absurdity Day by serving Donut Bites, made to order in the lobby on Wednesday morning. It was a huge hit and we look forward to doing more crazy fun things like that in the future. Our next celebration will be for National Pastry Day, December 9th, when we will have a few new surprises up our sleeves.

Our Ecology study has moved on to the Cycles of Matter: Hydrologic, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous. We are marveling at how everything works together to make the world work.

The Mysterious Clover in our ‘Human Factor’ experiment is up to something. We have not yet determined what, but we’re keeping an eye on it.

The board games we are making for a History project are helping us to understand the terrain, the trade, and the cultures surrounding the Silk Road. Not to mention how much fun we can have playing our own creations.