November 22, 2019, Lower South

Amphibians-Kermit                                            Biome lesson

In zoology, we have introduced our second group of vertebrate animals, Amphibians.  We invited Kermit the Frog from the Upper West classroom to visit for our initial lesson.  He is an African Clawed Frog.  Within this unit, students can learn facts about the parts of the frog, the life cycle of amphibians, and the names of some from around the world.

In geography, we are learning about different biomes of the world.  Each biome can be described as an area on our earth that shares the same species, climate, animals, and plants.  With each biome, students can read and write about what they learned.

Third year students learned about latitude and longitude lines at their last Imaginary Island lesson. The Imaginary Island Unit allows students to visualize, draw, and write about a make-believe island. Lessons include learning about land forms, water forms, latitude lines, and longitude lines. They also discussed the equator, the prime meridian, the hemispheres, and how to find the coordinates of different places.