November 19, 2021, Upper East

Our classroom finished off last week with the introduction of Liquids in Collaborative Science. We experimented with water droplets on wax paper to see what shape they form and how they absorb other drops of water. In Art, we are making paper mache masks and sculpting pyramids out of clay.

This week, we started off with Math lessons from Miss Deb. Our classroom is working on division, fractions and square roots. A lot of us are finished with our stories in Writer’s Workshop and have begun writing essays on our opinions. This morning we had a peace lesson on Conflict Management and how to solve our problems if we have one. We are still working on our History research. There is Ancient China, Bayalonia and The Hebrews. Mr Dave will give us a Geography lesson this morning. This afternoon we have Art again and a lesson with Miss Alexis on how to summarize a novel. Tomorrow we will have Author’s Chair where we will read our stories that we have finished in Writer’s Workshop.

We also welcomed back Carli from her time away from the classroom today!