November 17, 2023 Upper

This week we are working on human classification, joints, symbiotic relationships, subtraction of decimals, and how to cite sources. Busy week!
Homework contracts are due this Friday! Your child should have come home with a red folder that explains expectations and options for homework.
Next Tuesday we have our classroom Thanksgiving feast! We ask for $5 to buy groceries. Sixth years will be budgeting and shopping within our means this Friday. Next Monday and Tuesday, we will spend the day cooking for our feast! Unfortunately, this year we have two vegetarian teachers and one who hates turkey. If anyone would like to come in Tuesday morning to help the sixth-year prep and cook the turkey, you are more than welcome! Just send me an email. Otherwise, this will be an interesting learning experiment for all of us 🙂  I’ve attached the form for you to look over. Students do not need to bring a lunch for that day.