November 17, 2023 Lower North

This week students were introduced to new word study units. One new unit covers synonyms. This unit allows children the opportunity to learn about many words that mean the same thing. Some of these works include matching synonym work along with worksheets to heighten the understanding of synonyms. This language unit not only encompasses children learning all about synonyms, but also allows for vocabulary enrichment to ensue. Along with the synonym work, the word study shelf now has work that will help children build upon their writing skills. Children will be able to explore this work and refresh their knowledge of capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. By enhancing their skills in writing mechanics, children will be able to apply these skills during the Writer’s Workshop.

Aside from being presented with new language units, the students were able to take their first field trip of the school year this week! The lower classrooms traveled to the Mazza Museum located in Findlay, Ohio. During the field trip, children were able to take a tour of the beautiful children’s museum and gather a deeper understanding of how illustrations within books can truly tell a story. In addition, the students were able to participate in a fun-filled art activity while at the museum.