November 15, 2019, Lower South

Money unit- building quantities and making change
Geometry- parts of an angle
Grammar- sentence analysis

Prior to this week students learned about the angle and the parts of the angle. To expand on the topic of the angle, students this week had a geometry lesson introducing the five principle angles. Students learned about acute, obtuse, whole, straight, and right angles. After being given this lesson, children were able to form the specific angles by using the geometry stick box. Also, students were able to gain information about each angle through Nomenclature cards.

Last week students concluded the first unit in Writer’s Workshop. The first unit was about writing small moment stories, using narrative writing skills. Now, each level has moved on to informative writing. The third-year students are working on writing all about a main topic. The second-year students are working on writing the scientific method. Lastly, the first-year students are working on writing down steps towards how to complete a certain something.

We would like to give a friendly reminder to parents about the Thanksgiving feast. This wonderful luncheon will take place on Tuesday, November 26th. This year to help defray the cost of the lunch we would like each child to bring in $2.00. We are asking to please send in your child’s $2.00 by Wednesday, November 20th. This contribution is greatly appreciated.

Reminder to third year students to continue their 20 minutes on Many have exceeded this time and seem to be really enjoying it. Keep typing!

Have a great weekend!