November 15, 2019, EC East

We started the week off talking about Veterans Day. We read a story, had a moment of silence, and sent happy thoughts to all our veterans past and present. Both classrooms continued working with care of the environment works including folding washcloths, rolling socks, napkin rolling and silverware sorting. All skills that they can help with at home! The East classroom also sliced velcro food to extend food preparation! Students also started using scissors to cut a spiral.

Two new science units were introduced this week; oceans and transportation. The East classroom dived into ocean life while the West classroom explored different ways to travel.
Sensorial units were also demonstrated. The East class used their auditory skills to identify sound/no sound, match sounds, and grade them from loud to soft. The West classroom used their tactile skills to feel the difference between rough and smooth. Also added in sensorial was the cube of the trinomial and the large hexagon box.
The quiet rug was introduced in each classroom this week as well. Children roll out a beautiful rug and sit silently on it. They use silent bodies to meditate, reflect on thoughts, and feel peace from within themselves.
Coming Soon: Our Early Childhood Community feast!! This will take place over lunch time on Tuesday, November 26. Children participate in all of the food preparation. Be on the lookout for our feast sign-up sheet! Both morning and afternoon children are invited to join our feast on this day.