November 13, 2020, Upper West

In upper west, for collaborative science, we have been working with stream tables, which is when you use models filled with earth materials. This week we studied a mountain model of Mt. Shasta to study topographic maps. We have been learning a lot of things.

Also, in writers workshop, we started writing a literary essay, which is when you make a statement and provide evidence to back up your claim. We did this with the story “The 3 Little Pigs” for practice. Soon we will write our own.


The pictures below represent a sample of our upper west biology curriculum. The 4th-years are working on animal classification. They will move soon to an investigation of plants. The 5th-years are working on the vital functions of animals, beginning with the nutritional system. The 6th-years are working on the human body, beginning with the skeletal system.

4th-year biology: animal classification


6th-year biology: human body