November 13, 2020, EC West


What beautiful November weather we had this week! We enjoyed some extra outside time while the days were still nice! Early Childhood introduced our first Food Preparation work on plucking grapes! Children plucked grapes off a vine and then had the chance to eat them! This activity was done safe and Covid-friendly! The classrooms switched sensorial units and continued to study sound/no sound and big, medium, little. New science units were also added to our shelves that included Food and Nutrition (West students) and Calendar/Weather (East students).

The East classroom also demonstrated a new movement work; rolling the medicine ball. In Geography they drew self-portraits using a mirror and in math the beautiful squaring chains were shown. This work is done in a variety of ways including sensorially, skip counting, multiplication, and finding the square of a numeral. The class ended their week listening to the soothing sound of the singing bowl from the peace corner.
The West classroom brought out many practical life works and had the opportunity to sort silverware, set a place at the table, using a baster, and folding washcloths! They will be able to extend these lessons in the home and around the holiday season!