November 12, 2021, Lower South

This week in the Lower Elementary classrooms two new units were introduced. One of them being a Word Study unit and the other being a Geography unit. For Word Study, students were presented with a lesson on compound words. The compound words unit is very exciting for children as they are given a chance to explore different words, combine words to make new words, and build upon their vocabulary.

For Geography, the students were introduced to the “reading a map” unit. Within this unit, children are provided with a multitude of activities that enhance their mapping skills, ability to read maps and learn to understand different symbols on a map. In addition, children grasp onto the understanding of the cardinal directions. This unit not only provides students with an enrichment in mapping skills, but also immensely prepares third-year students for Imaginary Island.

Aside from these new units being presented to the students, both classrooms had the opportunity of a virtual visit from author/illustrator, David Biedrzycki this past Tuesday. Mr. Biedrzycki is an author and illustrator of many popular children’s books including, Me and My Dragon, Breaking News: Bear Alert, Sumo Kitty, and many more. His latest book is called, Invasion of the Unicorns. To prepare for this virtual visit, the teachers read a few of these books beforehand to the students. During the virtual meet and greet, children were able to ask the author questions and vice versa. The author also did a “read aloud” of the book, Invasion of the Unicorns. In addition, David drew an illustration, which he autographed for the classroom. The students had an enjoyable time getting to know all about the neat author!