November 12, 2021, EC West

Our first food preparation lesson of the year was presented this week!  Students explored grape plucking in Practical Life and enjoyed preparing and tasting delicious green grapes.  In our math area, we opened our bead cabinet and added the squaring chains.  These introduce skip counting as well as provide an introduction to multiplication concepts.  They can also be explored sensorially for a child who is not ready to skip count, as they are a beautiful Montessori material.  The East classroom introduced the orange stepper to the movement shelf, and color box two to the Sensorial shelf.   Also, using a stapler and napkin folding were also lessons given this week.  In the West class, washcloth folding and sock rolling was demonstrated, as well as napkin folding.  This work will be out all year to help prepare our sustainable cloth napkins for using at lunchtime.  Both classrooms also explored new Geography units-My Home, learning about the people, places, and things within each unique home environment.