November 11, 2022, Lower North


This week our new History lesson stems from the Second Great Lesson, The Coming of Life. In this new unit, students can explore the different eras; Cenozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and more. On the shelf, students can examine works about the Timeline of Life and discover various fossils. Students will match these fossils with their eras from the Timeline of Life. 

Aside from our history unit, new grammar work was previously presented to students. This unit encompasses works that promote knowledge of common and proper nouns. Students will learn about common and proper nouns on the grammar shelf through matching works. Students will take common nouns, such as the ocean, holiday, state, etc., and match them with the correct proper nouns, such as Atlantic, Thanksgiving, Ohio, etc. Learning about common and proper nouns helps students with capitalization and enhances their knowledge of classifying things around them.