November 11, 2022, EC West


This week we opened up the bead cabinet and introduced our squaring chains. Students first learn how to do this work sensorially and that the square of each numeral 1-10 is the same quantity as its corresponding chain of the square. As they progress with this work, they will add the numerals, allowing them to skip counting, which indirectly prepares them for multiplication. We began with plucking grapes off a vine for our food preparation work. We start with this before preparing food with tools to slice, chop or spread food. Students learned to fold things like washcloths and match and roll socks in practical life. For our sensory unit, we continue to use visual discrimination skills to identify big and little. Students have also started to learn to identify living and non-living things. We have also expanded student’s learning from their own unique place in the world to their family and home