November 11, 2022, EC East

EC East began our week with painting using a fun medium, corn on the cob! Using this medium introduces a unique texture and pattern in student’s artwork. As a class we went on walk through the Montessori woods and tossed all our shucked corn kernels for the deer and other wildlife. Students also explored grape picking as a part of their Food Prep and Practical Life lessons. Grape plucking starts the process of students learning the process of independently preparing and enjoying a snack. We also introduced slicing Velcro fruit and veggies, which provides a fun way to teach students how to properly and safely slice things. Thank you to all of our families that donated grapes for this lesson!

New units were added to our Sensory, Science and Geography shelves. The rough and smooth sensorial unit explores tactile differences by sorting and grading the touch tablets and other materials. The land, air, and water unit was also introduced to science and My Home was added to the Geography shelf. Bothe the Science and Geography units encourage students to explore and promotes a greater understanding of their environments around them as well as their place in their unique homes.