November 10, 2023 EC West

Many new units were introduced this week. In math, we studied equality/inequality as we learned about quantities that are greater than, less than, and equal to. Ask your child about the “Greedy Duck.” We also explored our next science unit on land, air, and water. Children identified objects, pictures, and animals and how they travel. We also expanded on our geography unit and brought out my family. We discussed our own families as well as what families can look like, and how they are each unique. Our bead cabinet was also shown this week beginning with our beautiful squaring chains 1-10. This work allows a child to discover how each square and chain of each square match sensorially, skip counting and then leads into preparation for multiplication facts and finding the square root for each numeral. Our first food preparation work was also demonstrated; grape plucking! Children used their practical life skills to pluck grapes off the vine and then eat them if they chose to. As an extension to corn shucking, we used the corn cons to make painted prints on paper for a fun art project! We also sliced wooden fruits and vegetables.