November 10, 2023 EC East

This week we began our new special Math Unit, Fractions!  Students explore different parts of a whole to understand this new concept. The Montessori Fraction Skittles allow the child to feel 1, ½, ⅓, and ¼ and compare the parts. In sensorial, we added the binomial cube, giving students the opportunity to explore the foundations of algebraic squaring and Color Box 2.  Our first food preparation lesson was shared with the students – Grape Plucking. This work is part of our Practical Life curriculum and allows the student to understand the process of independently preparing and enjoying a snack. Thank you to all the families that donated to our grape lesson! Slicing velcro fruit and veggies were also added to the Practical Life shelf, a fun work that teaches the new skill of slicing. New units were added to the Science and Geography shelves. Living and Non-living were introduced to Science, and My Family was added to the Geography shelf. Both the science and geography units encourage exploration and a greater understanding of their environment around them and the students’ place in their unique family. Finally, we added the orange stepper to our movement shelf this week, giving children the opportunity to choose another way to get movement in while using our yoga mat in the classroom.