November 1, 2019, Toddler

Leaves are falling, the wind blows cold, but we don’t mind at all! Children have been busy using their skills to create half to whole puzzles like the matching work pictured. Jameson is matching two pieces of a language half to whole pictures that integrates math skills as well. Popular practical life work this week has been straining. Children use a slotted spoon to strain out small pumpkins, placing them in a bowl. We also had a great time scrubbing the tables and the pumpkins. Walter is pictured using the peg work to refine his fine motor skills and  color recognition. Toddlers had a great time at their party on Thursday! Special thank you to our parents for bringing treats, preparing games and organizing a cute spider craft. Also, a special thank you to all who came to conferences. I was excited to show everyone all the hard work their child has been doing!