November 1, 2019, Middle School

Last week, leading up to Conferences, we finished our first Cycle of Study on Communication. We closed out the unit by starting Lord of the Flies, and watching Monty Python’s The Holy Grail. 

This week, we begin our new Cycle of Study: INTERDEPENDENCE.

As a part of this unit, we will be playing cooperative games about globalization while discussing how things can be impactful from far away.

We will be building a structure for Mustang Cafe that we have designed as a team. This will increase our profile in the lobby without increasing obstruction of the entryway.  It will also give us a fun challenge!

From this point forward, all of our assignments, homework and classwork, will be listed in a Google Classroom. This will give us a way to be linked together and a way to keep everything visible. It will make progress tracking easier and more transparent.

We are looking forward to another wonderful unit as we delve into how everything is connected and the world is much smaller than it has ever been.