November 1, 2019, EC East

Halloween is here! The Early Childhood classrooms have had some fun and festive work this week! From tonging spiders, pounding golf tees in a large pumpkin, and sweeping ants, practical life has been spooktacular! The children also had the opportunity to draw a face on a pumpkin, marble roll a spider web, and find hidden objects in our mystery sensory bowl. They discovered that red and yellow create orange as they blended chalk to make a jack-o-lantern and painted a pumpkin at the easel.

On Thursday, we celebrated our fall harvest party together. Thank to all the families who donated pumpkins, treats, and napkins! The classrooms enjoyed carving a pumpkin together and baking the pumpkin seeds to taste.
After the excitement of all the Halloween activities this week, we demonstrated the Geometric cabinet. A special Sensorial work that introduces a variety of two-dimensional shapes of all sizes.
Have a wonderful weekend and remember the time change!