May 7, 2021, Upper West

This week we have been doing science and we are researching tadpoles. When we first got them they were small like tiny seeds but now they are the size of a blueberry. We have a folder about tadpoles that we use to answer and ask questions. We have 3 different groups. I’m Aria, and I am with Noah G., and Christian. We are group 2. Group 3 is Olivia, Tucker, and Julian. Group 1 is Avriana, Noah E., and Juno.

This week we looked at a tadpole’s heartbeat using a magnifying glass. We timed its heartbeat and also wrote it down in our folder. Christian looked at the heartbeat while Noah G. timed it. I wrote the heartbeat number down. Our tadpole’s heartbeat was 48 beats per minute.

We also had a great week of homework presentations.