May 7, 2021, Upper East

This week everyone gave their homework project presentations. They were all really good and interesting. On Tuesday we counted the heart beats of the tadpoles when the water temperature changes. It was hard to see the blood pumping but with a magnifying glass we made it work. This week we didn’t have P.E on Wednesday, so we are having it on Friday. We are also working on our Mother’s Day gifts. We made foot scrub, and we put it in little mason jars, made a card, and wrapped it up. We all enjoyed making it. This week in Literature Circles everyone is working on their projects, everyone is doing a skit, but at least they are for different books. It will also be good because we have to present them and will hopefully boost our self confidence. In W.W you are either finishing writing, typing, or copying your story into the e-book format. So far it has been a very good week.