May 7, 2021, EC West


May brings flowers and Early childhood began the week by arranging beautiful flowers into a vase! On Wednesday, we explored and celebrated Cinco De Mayo and tasted salsa and guacamole!  The East cohorts learned about sink and float and extended this concept into a science experiment! They also used mosaic tiles to form a picture and created butterfly art using droppers. Another care of oneself work was introduced; washing a baby doll. They can use these skills at home when washing themselves! The West cohorts transferred pins into salt shakers for some fine motor strength and hung clothes on hangers; also a skill to implement in the home! West students also created tulip paintings using a fork. Peace activities including manipulating a liquid tile and creating a zen garden were demonstrated. A huge shout out of appreciation for all the Mothers in our Community! Happy Mother’s Day!

 “No language can express the power, beauty, and heroism of a Mother’s love.” -Edwin Chapin