May 5, 2023 Lower North

As we approach the end of the school year, excitement and anticipation begin to take over. However, there is still work to be done in the classroom.  Our 3rd-year students continue working on their Imaginary Island project, and our 2nd-year students are finishing their Western State research projects.  Once they are finished, they will present their final projects to their classmates.  In addition, we have two new Grammar environments out for the students to explore.  These environments allow them to label animals and objects, construct sentences and apply their parts of speech knowledge.  These environments have been a popular work choice.  

Our final geography study of the school year is on the continent of Europe.  This unit has children tracing and learning about the countries of Europe.  The European flags are available to the student to draw and learn.  They also have the option to research one of the European countries.  Students continue to work through their work cycle goals every week. Even though the planners are not going home weekly, please continue to discuss with your child what work they completed and learned about.    

Have a great weekend!

Lower Elementary Team