May 31, 2019, Lower South

Lower Elementary would like to thank Rebecca Green for her fabulous presentation on Africa.  She spent an hour sharing with us about the beauty of this large continent.  We were able to explore the many artifacts that she has collected on her many visits to Ghana, Madagascar and other areas of Africa.  The children especially loved the instruments, toys and trying on the beautiful cloths she brought.   Thank you, Dr. Rebecca Green for sharing your passion for Africa with our students.  They will not soon forget the experience.


Pictured above are some of the beautiful materials that we, as Montessori teachers, are privileged to use within our classroom.   These are the symbols created by Maria Montessori to help learn and understand the different parts of  speech in grammar studies.  Each one is represented by a symbol and color.  This week we explored our final part of speech, INTERJECTIONS!  The students enjoyed coming up with interjections to sentences at the lesson to help express the feeling they might have toward a situation.  For example:  to add feeling to the sentence, “That’s a big spider.”  they acted out “Whoa! That’s a big spider!” or Ahhhhhh! That’s a big spider!   This was a great way for them to showcase their acting talents.  Grammar is often a favorite of many students because they can analyze and explore our amazing language with such beautiful materials.


Next week begins our special days.  You should have received our bright pink letter that talked about each day and what to bring.  Monday is Island day.  This is the day that the third year are presenting their Imaginary Islands.  Your student can dress in island or summer attire and bring a towel for reading time.  We are also encouraging them to bring a favorite book to promote for summer reading.  Tuesday is Game and Talent Day.  They can bring a favorite board game that is able to be played with two to four people and doesn’t take a long time to play.  It will work better if it is a game that they are well aware of how to play it and that lasts 15-20 minutes.  They will also have a chance to show off a talent.  If your child has any equipment or music need from us, please have them let us know on Friday or Monday so we can plan.  We hope that we will see you at lunch time on Wednesday for our community picnic.  We can not believe we are at the end of the year already.  This has been a wonderful year getting to know all of your students and seeing them grow.


Have a great weekend,

Miss Mary and Miss Jennifer