May 3, 2024 Lower South

The month of April has quickly come to an end and May is in full swing! The lower elementary teachers and students have been hard at work in preparation for this final month of the school year. This week students have continued learning about the midwestern/central states in the U.S.A. On the Geography shelf, first year students have continued exploring the works pertaining to this unit. As for our second year students, they have taken the knowledge gained from exploring the Geography shelf and are now applying this knowledge to their state research projects. Each child had the opportunity to choose a midwestern/central state. In the following weeks, the second year students will research all about their specific state and continue to receive lessons to guide them towards discovering all the interesting information needed to create their posters. As students complete their posters, they will present them to their classmates to display knowledge of their researched state and the hard work they have poured into this end of the year project. Once all projects are presented, children will bring them home to share with their families.

Lastly, the third year students have been presented a lesson on a special Montessori material, pin maps. These maps are an extension of the Geography unit. They allow children to locate and review state capitals/cities, landforms, water forms, etc. on each midwestern/central state pin map. This material tends to be a favorite for many third year students from year to year.


Have a blessed weekend!

The Lower Team