May 3, 2024 EC West

This week children explored the concept of sink vs float as they experimented with a variety of objects in water! Our next science unit was all about birds. We identified many different kinds of birds, parts of a bird, and a life cycle of a bird. The children enjoyed one of the quails from Upper Elementary to help learn about this unit! We have been incubating our own chicks for three weeks now and eagerly waited for them to hatch! They have begun hatching this week and we were overjoyed to watch the process! It looks like all 12 are hatching! Practical life work this week included hanging clothes on a hanger. For a fun art project we introduced our “mirror-image” drawing. This two-person easel work allows one child to give the directions and the other child to listen while both draw and see if their pictures end up the exact same! It fosters collaboration and communication skills! In observation of Cinco De Mayo, we used our gustatory senses to taste salsa and guacamole with tortilla¬†chips.

We were also invited by our musical Upper Elementary friends to be an audience for their story-telling pieces and enjoyed listening to their talent and instruments! We also heard a brief presentation from the Cocoon Shelter, our school’s community fundraiser that is currently taking place.