May 3, 2019, Lower South

The second year continue to research their states for their end of the year research project.  They have been discovering the state’s animal, flag, flower and many other facts.  They are gathering this important information to eventually write a multi-paragraphed report they will present to the class later this month.
On our science shelf, we have started the study of teeth.  The students are studying parts of a tooth, and mouth along with all the different types of teeth and how they help us daily.  We also look at how and why we need to take good care of our teeth.  This always seems to be a popular topic of study with the students because they are fascinated with their own teeth and losing them.
Our third year are coming right along with their Imaginary Island reports.  They are enjoying the writing process.  This process can be both fun and challenging as they combine both factual and imaginary information to showcase their individual island.

We continue to be amazed at how these students keep working and growing into strong learners and leaders.

Have a blessed weekend,

Miss Mary and Miss Jennifer