May 3, 2019, EC West

The West classroom also introduced Slicing Mini-Cucumbers and Straight Pins in a Strainer in Practical Life. Bell Matching was also introduced, allowing children to hear tonal differences and subsequently match the sounds. In celebration of Earth day, Earth finger paint was added to the Art Shelf. Color Box 5 Grading was added to theĀ Sensorial shelf and the new Science unit Rocks and Minerals was introduced. This unit encourages the students to explore the similarities and differences of these unique and beautiful properties.
What a busy and fun week in Early Childhood! The East classroom introduced the Geo-Boards and Slicing Mini-Cucumbers in Practical Life. When using the Geo-Boards, students stretch various rubber bands over pegs, creating geometric shapes and strengthening hand and finger muscles. Fine motor skills and focus are demonstrated while slicing our mini-cucumbers. Children are always eager to sample their food prep work! Creating Cheerio Bird Feeders and Paint Drop Butterflies were explored on the Art Shelf this week. The students carefully strung single Cheerios on a pipe cleaner, then found a special location on the Early Childhood playground for our birds to enjoy. The new Science Unit Landforms was introduced, allowing the children to explore the different and varying topographies and how land and water can be formed.