May 29, 2020, Lower South

On March 13, 2020 our world was turned upside down.  Our school closed with businesses closing soon after.  We were asked to stay home.  Stay home to work, to teach, to parent, to play, to do everything.  Some people took it in stride, did their best and had fun.  Others were overwhelmed with all the emails, and websites, and the technology.  We were all in it together.  Now, at the end of May, as we start getting used to our new normal, we realize we were all in this together and we did alright.
As teachers we are optimistic and look forward to the days that we will return to the classroom with our students.  A place where we know we will be safe and we will be able to do what we love.  A place that for weeks has been lacking life.
We wish everyone a peaceful and rejuvenating summer.  Thank you for walking “this path of life” with us.  We share with you the words that are recited daily in the Lower South classroom:
May we have peace.
May we have kindness.
May we have strength.
May we have health.
May we live with ease.
   -Author Unknown
The Lower Elementary Teachers